Hai Au Farm

Hai Au Farm

Hai Au Farm, established in 2004, we are leader of farmers planting seedless lime in Long An. We have been certified the copy right Vica Seedless lime by National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam

We are planting and cooperating with farmers in Mekong delta to create large farm over 500 hectares which can harvest estimated 14,000 metric ton/year. Vica Seedless lime is supplying not only to local market as all Vietnam supermarkets and local traditional markets chain but also to international markets such Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, China as well. Nowadays we are improving higher quality to orient Europe Market.

Hai Au farm has been expanding the size of factory for packing fresh seedless lime, investing modern packaging line for adding value products such as dried lime, lime chilly, lime juice…. Beside we have had cool storage chain in many provinces as Long An, Lang Son, Pingxiang and Shanghai in order to provide our products to customers directly, promptly and easily

We are supplying Fresh seedless lime. Besides, Hai Au Farm will release more processing products for industry and consumption to contribute various goods and promote maximum profit from seedless lime.


The item you see

- Pique fabric, soft, smooth and flexible

- Non wrinkled and non pilling fabric, more active

- The best favourite product in company

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== Office & Factory: F9/1 Avenue 80, Vĩnh Lộc A hamlet, Binh Chanh Dist. –HCMC, Viet Nam

===Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/aothundongphuclulo/

===Email: tantai@lulo.vn


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