Yellow apron Combo

Yellow apron Combo

These colors are suitable with food and beverage field. That's why there are a lot of customers ask these ones. Normally is : 1 combo includes T-shirt/Polo shirt -- Cap -- Apron -- Keychain.

- T-shirt/ Polo shirt has many positions to print on and you can find on " T-shirt printing services" on this website.
- Cap is the same. You are able to print 1 logo or 4-5 positions. You also can find " Cap" on this website
- Apron: Two types will be selected. Short apron for waiter/waitress --- Bid apron for cook and other people who work in the kitchen
- Keychain with your logo, able to: Give your staffs, customers as a nice gift and to be a unique parking card
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- Apron material: Kaki

- Color: Yellow

- Print tech: High tech

- Size: Current sample for Asian and has 1 size. Adjusted by a string

- Style: Classic

- Goods: In stock always

The design and dimension are able to customize. Contact now for details

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