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The basic characteristics of uniform


What is uniform? What is the difference between uniform and other clothing? We usually mention to uniform, but I know that some of you really want to know the differences. Here is the sharing from a man who has over fifteen years experience in uniform industry. And I hope you will find something helpful with you. Please share and comment if you have any questions via the contact information below.

First of all, I would like to make the information clearly about the total amount of uniform types. So, how many types of uniform on over the world? It’s a “big question”, right? And here is the result of Google searching: kelly green uniform polos, school uniform banded bottom polo shirts, polo blouse uniform, school t shirt uniform, polo shirt company uniform, company uniform polo shirt, tshirt uniform, lime green uniform polo shirts, white polo jacket uniform, blue polo uniform, restaurant t shirt uniform, old navy uniform polos, us police uniform, canadian army uniform, vietnam t-shirt uniform, long sleeve solid uniform pique polo, moisture wicking school uniform shirts, spa uniforms, fireman uniform, police dress uniform, us navy dress uniform …I can not tell you all and nobody can tell you, too. But in brief, uniform is only a clothing with basic characteristics as below:

  1. The same style: Yes, of course. If you have a team, and you make uniform for them with so many styles such as: t-shirt, polo shirt, shirt, red veston, black v-neck, yellow hoodies…And each people can choose each style. Could you image the picture of this group? How can you realize that they are the same group, the same company, the same organization…?  
  1. Screen printing or embroidery: Must be the same, even 2 piece or 1,000,000 pcs. It’s always a logo, a slogan, a website or contact information. We can not print or embroider each logo per each piece, and we don’t have so many logos to print or embroider like that. Do you agree with me? Some of you will tell me that you have more than one brand. It looks like Honda, they have Future – Wave – Wave alpha – Dream…It belongs to the marketing campaigns. For example, if you want to attract customers with Wave, you will print or embroider “Wave” only. Sometimes, Wave will be on left chest and Honda on right hand. In this case, the purpose of  marketing campaign is promoting Wave.
  1. Color: I never see Coca – Cola uniform is blue or Pepsi is red. It always be like that. And you know, what will happen if they change the color of uniform? How can customer realize which one is Coca-Cola and which one is Pepsi? You know, they have had a test of taste. They have two cups of Coca-Cola and Pepsi without brand name. After tasting, over 95% customers could not realize which one is Coca-Cola and which one is Pepsi. Please, don’t make your customers confuse your brand. This is the big mistake of a marketer, a professional person never do it.

These are the basic characteristics of uniform. Other styles never need to do the same, even they  want to be unique, I mean the difference with others. And another thing is the size of uniform is always bigger than fashion styles. Uniform manufacturers apply 14 sizes with a half of man and a half of woman. In this case, fashion style uses only 4 sizes: S – M – L and XL. According to my experience, fashion manufacturers study market, make or follow market trend and create style and manufacture with a big amount to sell on fashion outlets, malls…But in uniform field, uniform manufacturers will manufacture by orders. I mean that they only manufacture when customers order and the total quantity belongs to each order. There are more than that to classify the difference between uniform field and others. One of professional uniform manufacturers will tell you more if you have more questions about that. Do not hesitate to contact with us via email: tantai@lulo.vn or hand phone /zalo: 0909 506 533 if you need to know well. Everything will be free and consult at any time in day. Hope you find the best answer for yourself and have a nice day ! Don’t forget that we are t-shirt and polo shirt uniform producer in Viet Nam.



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