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“Tự hào Việt Nam” Face mask

You want to print on mask, text and picture? No problem, let see what we have.


“Tự hào Việt Nam” Face mask

Efficiency, easy to use, suitable cost…are what you receive from anti-bacterial fabric face mask . The best results come from high awareness of Viet Nam people to protect themselves and others. I am Vietnamese and I am proud of Viet Nam. TỰ HÀO VIỆT NAM is not only a cliched slogan, it also is the pride of Viet Nam people: Consensus to win epidemic. That is the requirement helps to be strong and safe to develop business. Here are types of fabric face mask which have been supplied since the start of epidemic. Multipurpose, diversified face mask and multicoloured are different things to attract users. Moreover, breathable fabric, interesting slogan, personalization and other benefits will show you below:

TỰ HÀO VIỆT NAM: Print on red mask with yellow star as Viet Nam flag. Not only on red mask, we also have black, navy blue, white, yamaha blue…with 2 and 3 layers. All of them have anti-bacterial layer: 1 anti-bacterial layer and 2 anti-bacterial layers. And there are adjustable ear loops to fit your face easier, interesting?

PERSONALIZATION: You can print your name, your friend’s name and your family on mask. We just print name and class on the left and school name on the right for a primary school in Ho Chi Minh city. Pupils are very interesting with their name and easy to call their friend’s name. Never force to wear, a new way to get target in this case, right? You can use this method for your enterprises, why not?!

NAM MÔ A DI ĐÀ PHẬT: Singapore customer asks to print a lot of photos of God, Jesu…In Viet Nam, we are suggested to print “NAM MÔ A DI ĐÀ PHẬT”. To protect yourselve and others around you, especially in crowd such as at churchs and pagodas. The quality of products are the same with others. We have so many colors to select, but light grey is always on the top of selling rate.

LOVELY and FUNNY: “My Daddy” -- “My love” or “My lovely daughter” -- “Crazy boy”-- “Every day is Sunday”…and other funny and lovely sentences that attract and make you happy. That’s why youth people love and create for their team. It’s very suitable for coffee shops, food shops, teams…Don’t forget that you can create everything you like, no limit. Think, create, be fun or you can refer our stock …let us print.

Where to find us and these masks?

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