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There have been a lo of orders which were connected from our customers. They had tried our products and introduced to their friends and other relationship. Thanks. This is our happiness and our pride, a “random marketing activity” rarely happens with others. Lulo t-shirt with a slogan: “ Print fast, get immediately – Uniform at any quantity” is ten years old at the present. During this period, we have been connected from our customers so many times. That’s why we have been “strong enough” to work well during 10 years. This article is to thank to all of you, who have been our ambassadors, our long hands to connect with new customers. And the article is about our “Thanks for connecting”, let read more our message below.

The information below is the way to receive gifts from lulo t-shirt. But first of all, let see what we have:

  • Cash: 200k
  • Other products

…With an order from 20 pcs or more than that, you will receive 200k at the time they transfer deposit.

… With an order under 20 pcs, you will receive any product which are manufactuered from lulo such as: t-shirt and polo shirt for adult and children with Asia and Europe size parameter ---Dear friend polo shirt --- Waist apron, bid apron --- Fabric face mask ---Key chain --- Cap --- flag and drawstring backpack.

… With an order more than 500 pcs, the value of gift will be increased to make sure that it’s really worthy with what you do for lulo t-shirt.

It’s so simple to receive these gifts. Let tell your friends and other relationship who are looking for suppliers like us, like lulo t-shirt, about your experiences. Connect them with us and let lulo consult them. Remember: lulo t-shirt is a brand of “Print fast, get immediately – Uniform at any quantity  . We are very please to supply orders with 01pc and we are exciting to say thank to you.

Connect zalo 0909506533 if you have any concerning questions. Let give us opportunities to say thank to you, let your friends have the best quality products to use. Use and experience products from new suppliers are interesting things. It will be better if they could use the best ones to save time and money. We are sure that you always think about them and hope them can use the best. Not only a “thank gift”, but it’s also a special action that can make THREE ( You – your friends and lulo t-shirt ) happy. The article would like to remind your satisfaction feelings and remind you to bring your feelings to them soon. Thanks for reading and sharing to your friends and others. Let look round to see who is looking for lulo t-shirt products, let connect them with us now. Thanks for what you have been doing and sharing the helpful information. Have a nice day !



Anti- bacterial face mask for children

Anti- bacterial face mask for children

Not only for current time, but our children also wear for a long time and daily at school. Don’t be surprise with interesting screen printing, our children will love to wear all time. Let them enjoy the interesting things.
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