100% Cotton black t-shirt --- Only 0.65usd

100% Cotton black t-shirt --- Only 0.65usd

Made by 100% cotton, single fabric

European size parameter used

Quantity per size: S = 10 pcs --- M = 13 pcs---L = 21pcs ---XL = 09pcs

Shipment fee: 50,000vnd/order --- We use express delivery firms in Ho Chi Minh City and Viettel Post for other areas.

  • We will contact with you at the time to receive order information. Order is only confirmed when we receive transfer of money during 24 hours at a time we contact to confirm information with you. After 24 hours, the order will be canceled.
  • You have the right to return and exchange if the parcel is not damage or broken: You only pay shipment fee if you hope to exchange another ( Please contact with us to make sure that the goods are still in stock at current time before returning ) or return the parcel if you don’t want to buy any more. And we pay shipment fee if we would made mistakes or goods is difference with what we mentioned.
  • Notice:
  • 1/ Promotional price only applies with time of campaign
  • 2/ Promotional items are limitary. We will announce you after checking order information. We are really sorry if there would be no more items at a time you ordered. That’s why you must be hurry up...



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